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LED Glowing Crystal Candle

LED Glowing Crystal Candle

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Transform your space with the enchanting glow of Flickering Flameless LED Candles

Safety First 🔥

Versatile Decor 🌟

Long-Lasting Illumination 💡

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What's Included?

-Flameless Battery Operated LED Candles (Battery is not included)

- Clear and concise user manual for easy setup and operation

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  • Type: Flameless LED Light Candle
  • Material: PP Polypropylene Ethylene + Electronic Components
  • Light Color: Warm White
  • Size:
  • Battery Supply: Requires 3 AG10 button batteries (not included)
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Your Multifunctional Night Light and Decorative Delight

Our Flameless Battery Operated LED Candles serve as versatile nightlights and stunning decorative pieces.

Whether you need a soothing bedside glow or an elegant decor accent, these candles deliver with their flickering warm white light, adding charm and ambiance to any space in your home.

Peace of Mind with Flameless Safety

Our Flameless Battery Operated LED Candles offer the perfect blend of ambiance and safety.

You can enjoy the soothing, flickering glow reminiscent of real candles without any of the fire hazards that traditional candles pose. This feature is especially reassuring for households with young children and beloved pets.

With these candles, you can create a cozy atmosphere with peace of mind, knowing that your home remains safe and secure.


Clean and Soot-Free Ambiance

Traditional candles often leave behind a trail of smoke and soot, which can mar the beauty of your home.

However, with our Flameless Battery Operated LED Candles, you can bid farewell to these nuisances.

These candles produce no smoke or soot, ensuring that your walls and ceilings remain pristine and free from unsightly stains.